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Last update: Friday, 02 December 2022 14:12:13

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Brasserie 21

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This website scans every nights the menus of Uppsala's restaurants and gives the lunches of the day. It uses technologies such as OCR, image recognition, webscraping.

Image Recognition


Are you sponsored?

Nope. This is a project done on my free time, no restaurant has paid to be put there.

Is this open source?

YES! 100%. And it is totally GAFAM free! That's why the project is stored on gitlab and not on github and the template does not use any googlefonts. https://gitlab.com/mardub/lunch

How do you choose which restaurant is on this page?

With my taste buds :). For the moment only my favorit lunch places are listed.

It bugged! Or it says 'no data to show today' why?

That may be normal, for instance if you are on a red day, the restaurant is closed, or a week end. What can happen also is that the restaurant has inconsistent menu data for this week. Indeed it is not the restaurants that fill up data for this website to work, it is my program behind that goes on each website and parse the photo or the html of the menu. Sometimes the photo can have strange artefacts or the html can be irregular and that limits the capacity of the program to recognize the infos thus the error messages you see.


This is a volunteer project. Want to help improving the project or simply thanks the author? Thanks me around a lunch at any of the places above. I also accept "liquid" paiement such coffee and beer. Just pay a coffee to me or my friends at Arrenius Cafe which is the place from which I made this page :) (ask for Marie or Tilo and say you want to support the lunch.uppsala.ai project), your name/pseudo and drink will be added to the list of generous donators. As it is open source feel free to report typos and other problems in the code, https://gitlab.com/mardub/lunch. You can also write a kind encouraging word at mardubr-lunch@yahoo.com . You can also drop a (real)coin in my collect box if you find it nearby Skolgatan bus station... Look for the squirrel! :)

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For information purpose this is the time and expenses that this project costs to the main developer.

Cost of renewing domain name for hosting 2021: ~ 475 SEK (55.10$) Free counters!